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Insectofungicides protectant to protect plants

Insectofungicides protectant to protect plants
  • Insectofungicides protectant to protect plants
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As you know, a long and haphazard use of the same pesticide can lead to the emergence of resistant forms to it of pathogens and pests. Scientists have shown that the formation of resistance to systemic fungicides happens fairly quickly, depending on the pathogen biology, the mechanism of action of the drug and the number of treatments. Even after you stop using drugs against which developed resistance, resistance is stored from six months to three years. Taking into account a slight range of fungicides approved for use in open or closed ground in urban environments, protection of plants from quarantine pests is quite a challenge. This is particularly relevant issue in the botanical gardens, in the territory of which the excursions are conducted regularly,

One solution to this problem would be to use tinctures from plants having insecticidal properties. Recently, the use of insecticides to control the amount of plant pests began to acquire more and more popular. The preparations obtained from the insecticidal plants have more advantages as compared to chemical pesticides.

Most drugs of insecticidal plants are absolutely safe for humans, relatively rapidly decomposed and do not accumulate in the bodies of animals and plants. Moreover, insects, mites, and pathogens causing fungal and bacterial diseases of plants, there is no resistance to such drugs (because of "habituation").

It is also important that such drugs can have both insecticidal and fungicidal properties.

One of these drugs is tincture of garlic seed. When adding emulsifier such tincture has strong insektofungitsidnymi properties: its technical effectiveness in a concentration of 1% is about 80 - 90% .

The preparation as insecticide suppresses populations of insect pests, and, as a fungicide to protect plants from root and leaf of bacterial diseases. Once in the digestive tracts of insect pests, tincture blocks digestive process, whereby the insects are killed.

The same effect has and tincture of white mustard. However, the technical effectiveness of the drug in combination with an emulsifier at a concentration of 2% is 80 - 90% .

Prepared these miracle means for controlling insects and fungi by infusion of vegetative raw materials in rapeseed oil. Thus, to prepare the garlic tincture need only garlic, canola oil and a little time. Prepare drug as follows: 0.25 kg take cloves of garlic, crushed, pour 100 g of rapeseed oil and left to infuse in tightly sealed container at 50 ° C. After 12 hours the mixture was filtered and squeezed rapeseed - garlic oil.

Then, to obtain a highly efficient preparation of 100 g of rapeseed oil, garlic oil was mixed with 100 g of emulsifier. To carry out spraying 100 g of the resulting mixture of oil and emulsifier is diluted in 10 liters of water and mixed thoroughly.

Mustard tincture is prepared in the same manner as the garlic, but it takes 100 g of mustard powder, 100 g of rapeseed oil.

For spraying rapeseed, mustard oil, 200 g of the resulting mixture of oil and emulsifier is diluted in 10 liters of water.

It is important to use these drugs immediately after cooking because they have a short - term storage period.

The use of rapeseed - garlic - mustard and rapeseed oils with an emulsifier in practice, shows a fairly high technical efficiency. It extends the spectrum of pests which can be used against this drug, but also increases insektofungitsidnoe effect in comparison with each component (garlic / mustard and rapeseed oil) separately.

In addition, unlike synthetic drugs, tincture of garlic and mustard do not have a toxic effect on the human body, and quickly (immediately after drying on the plants) lose their toxicity to other members of the ecological community. Phytotoxic action of these drugs do not have.

Thus, such formulations are effective agents for controlling insects, mites, fungal and bacterial pathogens of plant diseases, and, however, are completely safe, both for humans and for the environment.

Information is up-to-date: 14.01.2022

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